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HOURS - Check back here or our Facebook page for dates and times we are open.

Hours for this week:

Headley's will be open this weekend Friday June 2nd 5:30-8:30 and

Saturday June 3rd from 1:00-4:00.

LOCATION - 1743 East Railroad Street in Heidelberg, PA

Current entrance Around Back


All of our beer is $10 to fill your growler, $15 per new growler or $14 per 16oz 4-Pack!

CURRENTLY WE ONLY SELL 4-packs (16oz), Growlers and Kegs 

Cash & Credit Cards Only

On tap this weekend for growlers and takeout Kegs!  ​​

Belgian Golden Ale

Adapt And Overcome: Got Your Six IPA

Willie Pale Ale

Racetrack Red

In cans this weekend!

Racetrack Red

Breakin Nut Brown Ale

Belgian Ale

Willie Pale Ale

Adapt And Overcome: Got Your Six IPA

We recycle plastic can carriers!

If you would like to have your beer delivered to your home, please contact us at 

412-386-8725 option 5 to book your delivery.  Our minimum delivery order is $24

and we offer delivery within an 8-mile radius of the brewery for a small $5

delivery fee.  

We are looking forward to serving you in our new tap room as "soon" as we open it!



Check out our best flavors





Airedale dogs come in many shapes and sizes usually with loads of attitude and swagger to boot!  Mae the Airedale is no exception. She is a neighbor to our founder Matt, and he fell in love with this dog and her ability to be super bad but super lovable at the same time.  So he named a beer after her.  Whether she is digging holes where she shouldn’t or just completely ignoring her owners, she always maintains her cool, lovable demeanor, and that’s why we decided to name this easy drinking beer with a bite after her.  This beer has lots of character and flavor and just enough hidden oomph to keep you coming back for more.  The beer itself has aromas and flavors of citrus zest and tropical fruit that are balanced by the malt backbone derived from the Vienna and Crystal malts.  This creates a dangerously drinkable beer with a smooth and balanced taste.





Most people don’t realize Heidelberg had a kick ass racetrack a long time ago.  And it wasn’t some little unknown track located in a small town south of Pittsburgh.  It was a legit ½ mile dirt track that saw some serious racing action in the late 40’s/early 50s.  First it was a horse track, then it was an “auto” track, but in both forms it was the centerpiece of activity in Heidelberg for many years.  We brewed a beer that we think would have been an outstanding addition to the track concession stands - something to enjoy while watching the horses or autos speed by.   This Red Ale has a sweet, full-bodied and fruity flavor with a light reddish color derived from the Crystal malts, lightly hopped with Anthanum and Cascade hops for a smooth taste and easy finish.  This is one beer that you will enjoy crossing the finish line with time and time again.





We love the line, “Have you ever had a friend that …” which is then followed by a lot of funny stuff about said friend.  This beer was brewed with all of those crazy friends in mind.  You know the ones … they’re a little quirky, maybe a little loud, maybe a little squeaky or a little off center but like a car crash, you just can’t turn away.  This is their beer.  Or better yet, a beer for you to slowly enjoy while said friends ramble on and on and on about … well … usually nothing!  A smooth and easy drinking ale that’s light on hops but perfectly balanced with a creamy, sweet, malty taste.   Light straw in color and easy to drink - easy enough to have one or four while enjoying the company of your favorite friends – even the squeaky blonde (or brunette) ones.





This delicious porter is different from most porters you have had before - easy drinking, not super high in alcohol and goes down so easy it will be gone in a flash.  This can almost be considered a session porter as it is intended as a beer that has staying power and won’t get old after your first pint.  This wonderful porter has a rich, creamy mouthfeel complementing a layered depth revealing distinctive chocolate and coffee notes that’s just full of flavor yet easy to drink.






True friends are hard to come by and best friends are even harder.  You know the type of friend that’s super easy to be around, is always down for Shenaniganry, ends up being in most of your favorite childhood stories and is loyal to a fault not to mention gets all your crazy!  One of our founders has a childhood best friend who is that in every sense of the word.  So, in honor of Frankie Z and all the best friends around the world, we brewed a beer for them, for our people, for our partners in crime, for the fun easy-going friends in our lives that have always been there for us.  This beer is perfect for kicking back reminiscing, talking about the good old days, and reliving your youth with those special friends.  Frankie Z’s Easy Wheat Ale is brewed with assorted grains, two row barley, white wheat, Munich Carapils with Hersbrucker and Saaz hops to give this beer a soft mouthfeel and light easy drinking character perfect to enjoy on warm summer days with friends! 





Have you ever known someone who has the most amazing stories about things they've done in their life but downplays just how cool they really are?  Headley’s founders have a friend just like that!  Whether he was flying his planes to various destinations around the country for work or sport, finding himself on Safari, scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean, skydiving or rock climbing, caving or spelunking in the far reaches of the world, he has been there and done that.  He's rubbed elbows with some of the most powerful men and women in business, and he got a degree in law because it was the cool thing to do!  Funny part is, when you meet him, he is very down to earth, humble and a genuinely nice person.   His favorite line is, “Oh, nothing going on with me. I live a quiet little life.” So we decided to brew a beer for that adventurous side in all of us - a beer for people living the “quiet little life”.  This beer reminds us to always try something new and make the most of each day. So after you step out of your stunt plane to watch the sunset over your favorite spot on the planet, grab this wonderful spring Marzen, unwind and plan your next adventure.

About Headley's Brewing Company

Headley's Brewing Company was founded in 2017 by Jamie Headley (who also happens to be the head brewer) and Matt Sembrat (a beer-loving video gaming geek)!  You’re probably asking yourself how does something like this happen?  Well, it happens when you get two geeks together who love beer and see an opportunity in an ever-growing market for good craft beer.  Jamie has been brewing beer for years. During an IT event a few years back, Matt had a chance to try Jamie’s beer, and it was somewhat life-changing!  BOOM!  The idea for Headley Brewing Company was formed.  Flash forward to present day...  Our brewing license has been granted, and we will be selling our brews in our new space in Heidelberg.  So come visit us and take home a few growlers.



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